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Oh Honey! (Posted On: Monday, August 20, 2007)

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The Honey House, downtown Clarksburg, is the home of Beaver Valley Gold Honey. The Honey House is a retail outlet for the honey made on site, beeswax candles and products of the hive. Honey is available in big tanks but it is also packed in jars ready for home use or in gift packages along with beeswax candles or honey pots. The Honey House isn't just a store, it has an area that is a learning centre where you can learn about bees and the environment that they live in and follow the honey making process from start to finish.

Al and Keri Lockhart are the owners and beekeepers of The Honey House and Beaver Valley Gold Honey. The Honey season starts in early spring when the pollen is available to the bees. It is then that the bee colonies can be unwrapped and checked to see how they survived the winter and to make sure they are strong for pollination season in the valley. This is one of the most important times of the year as it will reflect the strength and health of the bees in the season ahead. Managed honey bees are becoming more important than ever and are a reliable source of pollination.

In the spring we supply a pollination service to the apple producers in our area. The bees are put in the orchards for the blossom and then taken to their home yards in the Beaver Valley. Al runs 300 colonies located at 12 apiaries (bee yards) throughout the Beaver Valley and Meaford area. Once all the bees are home the bees go to work collecting nectar and storing it ready for the fall crop. The honeybees forage nectar from the wildflowers and clover that grows so abundant in the valley.

In late summer the beekeepers collect frames of honey leaving enough for the bee's own use. The honey is extracted by spinning the honey out of the frames and is then slow filtered and ready for sale. "Beaver Valley Gold" is not pasteurized or force filtered. The result is a honey with natural nutrients and flavour that only nature can produce. Unpasteurized honey will granulate (turn hard) over time, this is your assurance of unspoiled honey. If desired, placing the jar in hot water can liquefy hardened honey.

All the honey is extracted on the premises, downtown Clarksburg, from August until October and made available to customers either pre-packed or it is available the old fashioned way, in your own containers. The store gets filled with beeswax candles and jars of honey in all shapes and sizes, comb honey, proplolis, royal jelly, pollen, cook books and gifts.

This year marks the 10th anniversary that Al and Keri have owned and operated Beaver Valley Gold Honey. It's been 30 years since it's been a family business (previous beekeeper was Keri's father) and 80 years (since 1927) that the beekeeping business has been serving the area. Al and Keri take great pride in producing a delicious, natural, unpasteurized honey that can be sold directly to their customers. Not only is beekeeping a business, it is a very important part of agriculture and our community. Although beekeeping, like farming, can be rather intense in peak seasons it allows them to enjoy the beauty of our area in the off-season.

The Honey House
204 Marsh Street
Clarksburg, Ontario


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