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Moms With Vision (Posted On: Tuesday, July 14, 2009)

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Clean, Green, and Inspired… for our children’s future. Moms With Vision is a web resource for creating awareness in our community about the importance of caring for our environment, reducing the chemical debt load on our bodies, and living in a way that inspires our children to be the best they can be.

It was started by local mother, Rebecca Ness, because of her concern about the future of her children in today’s world.

“I started because of my own desire to reduce the amounts of harmful chemicals in my family’s life, and to teach my children how to be an active participant in reducing our environmental impact. I believe that the world of tomorrow lies in educating children today.”

Although the name implies exclusivity to mothers, it is not. It is a resource for anyone wanting to make positive changes in their life and the world.

Over time, toxins in our environment, home, and food build up in our bodies. It may take years until you see the effects, but unless the body is cleansed, it will break down. Disease is the body’s cry for help. The rate of disease in our society has increased in direct proportion to the toxicity of our world, so our ultimate goal is to decrease the toxicity that surrounds us.

We need to teach our children to live in a way that prevents disease from taking root in the first place.

The answer lies in education more than anything else.

We need to teach our children about the benefits of whole food nutrition, staying away from chemicals, and paying attention to environmental issues so that they will be strong, healthy, and able to deal with the world twenty years from now.

The theory behind Moms With Vision is summed up in it’s motto: Clean, Green, and Inspired… for our children’s future. We believe there are three keys to staying healthy and preventing or overcoming illness. The Physical: we need to rid our bodies of toxins and strengthen our immune systems, The Global: we need to clean up our environment, and the Personal: we need to reconnect to our hearts and spirits in this highly technological and increasingly impersonal society.

Moms With Vision is a casual, fun resource for people wanting to make a difference in their present lives and the future of our children. It is one very small step in a journey to a distant destination. But we are encouraged and happy to see a growing movement in today’s world toward these same goals. We hope you will get your walking shoes on and join us.  contains articles related to healthy living, going green, bringing up conscious children, and stories of inspiration. It also contains a listing of local businesses that are making a difference, ethical work at home opportunities, links to environmentally friendly products, and other websites where moms (or dads) can connect and share resources.

We hope you can take something of value from it and pass it on.  If you are interested in becoming a contributing author to Moms With Vision, please contact Rebecca.


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