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StoneTree Naturopathic Clinic

StoneTree Clinic is Collingwood’s largest naturopathic facility, visited thousands of times each year by patients seeking care for everything from acute colds and infections, to serious immune disorders, chronic disease, cancer and bio-identical hormone replacement. The clinic’s warm setting and personable staff offer a unique blend of conventional and alternative medical approaches, integrating lab testing and diagnosis with diverse natural therapies and a holistic approach to finding the root cause of an illness. StoneTree Naturopathic was founded by Tara Gignac, ND, and has treated more than 6,000 patients since 2002.

27 Third Street, Collingwood ON L9Y 1K4
T: 705.444.5331
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Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic

Your feet are the foundation of your life. You stand, walk, run, dance, jump, and kick with them, and chances are at some time in your life, they will respond by saying, “Ouch!” Foot pain is nothing new, but it is not normal. If your feet hurt, something is not right. You can ignore the discomfort and hope it goes away, or you can give your feet the loving care they need by calling Abbott Foot & Ankle Clinic in Collingwood, ON at (705) 444-9929 and scheduling an appointment with the experts.Click here to make an appointment

10126 Hwy 26 East, RR#2, Unit #3, Collingwood ON L9Y 3Z1
T: 705.444.9929
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Stackhouse Chiropractic Health Clinic

The Stackhouse Chiropractic Health Clinic is celebrating 30 years of providing professional, highly effective, gentle chiropractic care in Collingwood and the surrounding communities. We welcome you to come and experience for yourself how beneficial, energizing and life changing chiropractic adjustments can be. This special offer will allow you to find out for yourself if chiropractic can help your condition, whether it is muscular tension, spinal pain or soft tissue pain syndrome. It may be caused by a motor vehicle accident, sport or work injury, stress or age-related degeneration. In addition to Low Back Pain, Rib Problems, Disc Problems, Neck ProblemsTension and Migraine Headaches we have helped many patients with thyroid dysfunction, whiplash, concussions, arthritis and sleep apnea as well as helping to prevent the need for hip surgery. We also provide Registered Massage Therapy as well as Occupational Therapy for both adults and children.

313 Hurontario Street, Collingwood ON 
T: 705.444.1515

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Active Healthcare Centre

1441 Mosley Street, Wasaga Beach ON L9Y 2B9

Awaken Wellness Within - Laura Vanderaa

136 St.Paul Street, Collingwood ON L9Y 3P2

Beach Hearing

Unit 4 - 1441 Mosley Street, Wasaga Beach ON L9Z 2B9

Blue Mountain Acupuncture Clinic

45 Fourth Street East, Collingwood ON 

Collingwood Acupuncture Clinic

20 Dillon Drive, Collingwood ON L9Y 4S3

Collingwood After Hours Medical Clinic

186 Erie St- Suite 100, Collingwood ON 

Collingwood Chiropractic & Sports Injury Clinic

516 Hurontario Street, Collingwood ON L9Y 2N3

Collingwood Hearing Clinic

10126 Highway 26 East, Unit 1, Collingwood ON L9Y 3Z1

Collingwood Hearing Clinic Inc.

10126 Hwy 26 East, RR#2, Collingwood ON L9Y 3Z1

Collingwood Massage Therapy Clinic

69 First Street, Unit B, Collingwood ON L9Y 4T3

Collingwood Sport Medicine & Rehab

Cranberry Mews - 10 Keith Avenue, Collingwood ON L9Y 0W5

Creemore Shiatsu & Acupuncture

3 Caroline St West, Creemore ON 

Dr. Paul Korbelas - Chiropractic

209310 Highway 26, Collingwood ON 

Harrison Denture Clinic

4338 Highway 124, South, Collingwood ON L9Y 3Z1

Jon Perlus, Periodontics & Dental Implant Surgery

106 St Paul Street, Collingwood ON 

Maximum Physiotherapy

1 Huron Street, Suite 303, Collingwood ON L9Y 1C3

Mountain Chiropractic

73 Market Street, Collingwood ON L9Y 3M7

Shelby Worts, Doctor of Naturopathic

27 Third Street, Collingwood ON L9Y 1K4

Tara Gignac, Doctor of Naturopathic

27 Third Street, Collingwood ON L9Y 1K4

Taylor Wellness & Chiropractic Clinic

23 St. Marie Street, Suite 1, Collingwood ON L9Y 3J9

Thai Massage Therapy

9 Elizabeth Street East, Creemore ON 

Wasaga Beach Hearing Clinic

637 River Road West, Wasaga Beach ON L9Z 2P1

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