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WORDBIRDS (Posted On: Wednesday, October 01, 2008)

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Announcing the launch of WORDBIRDS, a new book by local author Harry Posner, October 17, 2008.

…I sit at the breakfast table gazing over my cereal at the symphony of bird life, summer and winter, that fills the air with song and dance.  I get to know the way the birds behave, their habits, their calls, the way they express their unique character.  I photograph them and paint them.  I imagine what it would be like to think and feel and fly like a hawk, a chickadee, a cowbird.  By loving them I feel myself transported into their world, and by learning what they have to teach become myself transformed.

WORDBIRDS is a celebration in poetry and painting of bird life that has been several years in the making.  It is Harry’s first published book (other than one-off handmade books) to be released to the general public.

He has written film scripts, plays, song lyrics, texts for dance performance, children’s picture books and poetry.  His poetry has been published in Men’s Wellness Journal, Dreamweaver Magazine, Dimensions Magazine, and Dining and the Arts Journal.  Harry has served as editor for several magazines, as well as the book Mindfire: Dialogues in the Other Future (Somerville House, 1995).  He is a member of Words Aloud poetry collective, as well as co-owner of zencha tea bar in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada.  He lives in the bird-filled hills of Caledon.

if you stand firm

if you stand firm
white blanket spread underfoot
beside the stand of snowy spruce
with one arm and one hand
outstretched glove open

if you wait
patience in your pocket
while winter winds whip
through your hair standing there
beside the stand of snowy spruce
one arm and one hand
outstretched cradling seeds

if you stand firm
in the cold still silence
beside the stand of snowy spruce
patience in your pocket
while the chickadee leaps
from branch to branch
eyeing your bounty and you

if you wait like an ancient tree
waits standing firm and still
the tiny wild wind dancer
may land to feed—
steady, not to frighten
the flame away

if you stand with your heart
beating kindness on a Yuletide drum
the bird will fly
“chickadee dee dee”
from the branch
to the arm to the hand
outstretched cradling seeds

the bird will eat
the moment will be
forever here
breathless with wonder
and tonight
the beat of a wing is Christmas

He is available for interviews.  Contact information: 705-446-0096,



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