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TinBu (Posted On: Wednesday, September 30, 2009)

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For regular visitors and to those who are new to the pages of, you're already well apprised of the essential local content that reflects and enhances day to day life in South Georgian Bay as a full time resident, summer cottager or winter enthusiast.

It takes enterprise and a deep connection to the local community to

constantly update and refresh these pages, to keep readers engaged and interested enough to make a part of the daily routine.

Considering the mind numbing count of sources on numerous platforms such as radio, television, digital cable, newspapers and the internet, I tip my hat to new media entrepreneurs who carve a special niche and not only create new opportunities for themselves, but for others, by creating new jobs and churning new dollars into the local economy.

While this new breed of “do it yourselfers” does a great job of reinventing this new medium every day, they always look for an edge to set themselves apart and not only provide a great service to their visitors, but solidify stronger relations with the business community and sponsorship partners.

I am a content partner wishing to point you towards the My Extra's icon on the My home page. If you haven't clicked yet, you should! And for a lot of reason's.

Are you looking for a reliable, local source for lottery numbers? Go to the My Extra's page and click on lottery. Are you in the office NHL, or NFL pool? Click on sports. Need a workout? You get a choice – physical and mental – by clicking on fitness or Sudoku. Can't start the day without your horoscope or the latest celebrity gossip? You'll see horoscope and entertainment. You can even find a new way to cook the Thanksgiving turkey by going to recipes.

At these features aren't mere static pages that go unchanged, day after day, but rather dynamic interactive applications, loaded with features, designed to have you stay on the site longer and have you coming back again and again.

If this sounds like a bit of a sales job, your right. More accurately, it's an orientation to TinBu interactive web content. Best of breed, patent pending application's that turn hundreds of thousands of new page views in North America every day.

It doesn't matter whether you are a major on line publisher, or a blogger, content is king and TinBu provides turn key solutions that can be integrated into any website in minutes and immediately create a host of benefits that add value to existing pages.

As an added benefit, TinBu has joined forces with Yahoo! Canada. Inside each content module, you'll find local search features and contextual ad's which create new revenue for our publishing partners. By visiting any one of these, you'll find the relevant information your looking for, and support local business.

CBS Radio, The New York Post, The Boston Herald, Chicago Tribune, TorStar, and are among the hundreds of TinBu partners taking advantage of these plug in solutions that enhance existing content and user experience, minus any maintenance or upkeep.

Are you a budding domain owner, publisher or media group looking to dramatically upgrade your website with rich, in demand content and improve your existing business model?

You can see more at

If you'd like to contact me, I can be reached anytime at


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