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Time to Purge (Posted On: Tuesday, January 15, 2013)

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Recently we have been purging the contents of our home because we have it on the market and truth be told, what used to be our weekend vacation residence ended up being our full time residence...but not only turned out that our home in Collingwood also became the destination for 3 households worth of furnishings. So we consulted our friends at Designs by Consign for some tips on how to successfully purge.
The task of purging can be daunting so I suggest...literally taking it step by step. The first step I made was going through my walk-in closet. It was painful, but I decided that everything that didn’t fit me comfortably was leaving my closet no matter how sentimental. To ease the pain, I made sure that each piece of clothing was destined for a better home than mine. My Friend’s House a local women’s shelter was getting the best stuff - clothes more suitable to the work environment. The Salvation Army received the more casual clothes. Please note that the Salvation Army in Collingwood accepts donations of clothes and bedding – no toys please. It somehow made it easier to let go...knowing that my clothes were destined for a better use than collecting dust in my closet.

The ladies at Designs by Consign gave me some really good advice:
  • When you wear something and put it back in your closet, reverse the hanger, at the end of the season, remove all of the items that do not have a reverse hanger – if they have not been worn this season, they are either out of date, do not fit comfortably or you just don’t like them.
  • Empty all of your dresser drawers and try everything on including your PJ’s. Anything that does not fit or items that you “forgot you had” should be recycled to a better home. Most items at the bottom of the drawer have not seen daylight in a very long time. If your clothes could talk...they would thank you for the breath of fresh air and the chance to be appreciated by someone else that needs them.
Moving along to the kitchen...this was another daunting task. My kitchen and cooking accessories were literally 3 times what I really needed because they were a combination of three households, plus I love baking so I am a sucker for baking accessories.
  • Take everything out of one drawer at a time – place all of the items in a box. As you use each item from the box, replace it in the drawer – these are the items that get to stay in the drawer – recycle or donate the items that are left in the box after 30 days with the exception of some seasonal items – for example the turkey baster or meat thermometer. Funny thing...when I used this process, I discovered that I had not used my rice cooker in over 10 (yes that’s ten) years. I am still holding on to my god awful slow cooker for some reason...pretty much anything I have ever made in that darn thing has been a disaster. If anyone wants one, please call me at 705.444.0123. It’s in pristine condition....and I hate it. I’ll even deliver it at no charge.
Moving on to the garage. Think about getting one tool box together of essential items....but only include one hammer, one set of screwdrivers, one palm sander, one set of drill bits. When I did our garage inventory, I kid you not; we had 6 multi use screw driver sets with inter-changeable bits. Come on here...that would only be ok if I operated a retail hardware store. Left over building supplies will be graciously accepted by the ReStore. Check their website for a list of what they will accept before you start packing it in the car. It’s also a good time to find out when the hazardous waste days are at your local dump. Get rid of all of those half full paint cans, old epoxy kits and unused fireworks.

Basketballs, baseball, footballs, skateboards. When was the last time they were touched? Give them away to someone that really needs them.

As you move through the house purging, set aside your garage sale items for Spring, but keep in mind that yes, it’s a great way for other people to take your junk away...but coming from lots of experience.....make sure you price stuff to move otherwise it’s just going back in the garage.

We have had tremendous success getting rid of furniture at Designs by Consign. The gals were great; they came to my home and assessed each piece that I wanted to get rid of. If they didn’t think it would sell, they were straightforward about it. Guess what? Everything they took sold and I ended up with a little extra cash in my pocket. For more information about Designs by Consign visit their website

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