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The Heroes Amongst Us (Posted On: Thursday, December 17, 2015)

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Nine years ago, we published our very first Salute to Grassroots Heroes in On The Bay. As with so many great ideas, it was born out of necessity - another article fell through at the last minute and we needed to find something to replace it that would be equally compelling for our readers. We quickly activated our team of professional writers to each write a profile of a local person who had made a difference in our communities, across our region and in all areas of influence, from arts and culture to the environment, healthcare to education, agriculture to tourism. The resulting stories were so well received, we decided to make Grassroots Heroes an annual tribute.

This year, we had another first: the first time one of our chosen Grassroots Heroes passed away before we could interview or photograph her. After asking for nominees on our Facebook page and through our e-newsletter and website, we received several nominations to feature Barbara Weider as one of our 2015 Grassroots Heroes. Barb was included in our selection of heroes to be honoured in this issue. We finalized our selections on September 15; Barb sadly passed away on September 20. Since we were unable to include her in our profiles, I would like to take a moment here to salute her as the ultimate Grassroots Hero who gave of her time, talents and tenacity to make Southern Georgian Bay a better place to live, work and play.[READ MORE - CLICK HERE]


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