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Stand Up Paddling (Posted On: Saturday, June 07, 2014)

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Two The Core is proud supplier of Kahuna Paddle Boards. Purchase a board, rent a board or join one of our groups on the water. Below we explain the benefits of Stand Up Paddling and how everyone can be fit "Two The Core" literally.

Stand Up Paddling (SUP) has evolved to be more than just a starting point for beginner surfers. Depending on the style of board you are using you may be leisure paddling down rivers, surfing on ocean waves, participating in a fitness class, or competitively racing. SUP boards are now being designed with day tripping in mind where you can secure down your belongings onto your board. For small distance paddles and playing out in the water, people tend to be slowly moving away from their beloved canoes and kayaks towards more easily portable and fitness oriented watercrafts like the SUP board.

One of the most interesting progressions of SUP has been the impact it has had on the fitness industry. Around the world instructors are bringing what they do in their facilities onto the water. General strengthening, yoga and pilates are easy to move onto the boards. Now participants are entering a whole new dimension in training, they must learn to use their core (inner muscle system in pelvis and trunk) as well as their proprioceptive system (sense of where the body is in space and therefore how efficiently we balance) to attain balance throughout their workout whether they are performing standing squats, or holding a warrior pose. This is an important concept because for years the fitness and rehabilitation industries have been playing with ways to effectively challenge these two systems with use of equipment such as large balls, wobble boards, and suspension straps. SUP is proving to be a fun and effective way to build core strength and improve balance.

Your core has two functions while you are on your SUP board; static postural control and stroke power. When standing on your board, gently draw your belly button away from your waistband and squeeze the muscles in your pelvis that would stop your urine flow or hold in gas. This inner system is responsible for postural stability. As you place your paddle into the water to take a stroke, exhale your breath and rotate your trunk using your obliques while at the same time increasing the contraction of your inner system. This is your core working as a unit to increase the power of your stroke. Throw in the challenge of stabilizing while absorbing waves or performing lunges. Even the most fit athletes may lack a proper core foundation and will find themselves in the water.

SUP constantly challenges the neuromuscular system to respond more efficiently to perturbations. For example, beginner paddlers will experience stiff and sore feet and calves as they are in a state of constant contraction trying to maintain stability on the board. Once the neuromuscular system becomes more efficient with the messages going back and forth from the muscles and joints to the brain, we are able to relax and put our energy into the paddle strokes instead of bracing to keep balanced.

Two The Core is a class based fitness studio located in beautiful downtown Thornbury that provides members with unique, well-balanced fitness programs. We offer personal and private group training, physiotherapy, massage therapy, and holistic nutrition, priding ourselves in working together as a multidisciplinary team. Retailers of Kahuna Paddle Boards, we offer SUP yoga and pilates classes, learn to paddle groups and board rentals. Taking advantage of our unique expertise and fabulous environment, we also offer truly unique Corporate Team Building and Women’s Retreats. Let Two The Core create and provide you with your experience whatever it may be.

16 Bruce St. N., Unit 6, Thornbury ON N0H 2P0
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Two The Core


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