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Spring Health Tips (Posted On: Monday, April 27, 2015)

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Spring is a great time to revisit your health and wellness goals and the experts at Good Health Mart have a wealth of knowledge to share with you. Check out the tips we have gleaned from each member of the Good Health Mark Team.

Suzie Wensley 

Coriolus (turkey tail) mushroom is also known in China as "Yun Zhi" (cloud mushroom), and in Japan as "Kawaratake" (mushroom by the river). Its traditional function in modern Chinese applications are anti carcinogenic. Approved in 1980 by the Japanese equivalent of the FDA for use in conjunction with chemotherapy and covered by Japanese health plans.

John Wensley

Eating an alkaline diet may help prevent cancer. Drop in to Good Health Mart and ask for a copy of the alkaline/acid food chart. Its free!


Taking a comprehensive multi everyday is a great way to stay healthy, give you energy, and boost your immune system. Natural Factors Whole Earth and Sea multi is organic, non GMO, and whole food based including vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients, and antioxidants. It starts with raw plants, vegetables, fruits, herbs, and sea vegetables, for excellent absorbability and is suitable for vegetarians.


If you suffer from IBS, here are a few suggestions you can try to help with your symptoms; Try essential fatty acids such as flaxseed oil or primrose oil, L-glutamine which is an amino acid to help fuel the intestinal cells, and a probiotic to replenish the friendly bacteria needed for digestion. Slippery elm and marshmallow root are herbs which can also be beneficial.


With celiac disease, you can't eat any foods that contain gluten. Gluten is found in wheat, rye, barley and oats. A gluten free diet can  be a big change in your eating habits. Be aware of the hidden ingredients in foods; if it is not labeled gluten free, don't eat it. Good Health Mart has a great selection of gluten free snacks and cooking ingredients.


Do you have cataracts or age related macular degeneration? Antioxidants can help. Come in and see us about helpful supplements such as Natural Factors Eye Factors formula to support eye health.  


IP6 is an anti cancer powerhouse. IP6 causes cancer cells to mature and behave like normal cells.


Rosacea is linked to the vascular network of facial skin and causes redness, bumps, pimples, and other symptoms that rarely go beyond the face. Omega oils can help to lessen the effects, as well a clear skin product such as Bell Clear Skin to reduce redness.


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