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Smart Works Tutoring (Posted On: Tuesday, December 24, 2013)

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Smart Works Tutoring is a new tutoring service in the Georgian Triangle area offering private and joint sessions for students and learners of all ages.

Confident and happy students are students who are ready and keen to learn, and who will develop learning habits and problem solving skills to ensure success in their next steps.  A one-hour session can be specific to an individual assignment or an assessment of skills.  A student who comes to Smart Works Tutoring for successive sessions will gain in many areas.  As an added benefit, students will achieve good grades!  At Smart Works Tutoring these are the goals for each student.

Some of the services that can be accessed at Smart Works Tutoring are in the following list. For all tutoring students, these can be part of each session. 

-Strengths are reinforced and weaker areas of learning can be improved using appropriate strategies.

-Reviewing skills to move on with confidence to learning new ones is a component of success and can be a part of each session. 

-Younger students can benefit from basic skills taught in a fun new ways. 

-Older students can develop habits for success in preparing for exams and tests. 

-Reinforcing study skills and organizational tools can help all students maximize their time and get better marks.

-Students and adults can have their written work and applications edited. 

-Parenting advice and groups are available. 

Sarah Isbister has many years of teaching experience at all levels from JK to Grade 12.  She holds a teaching degree and a master's degree in teaching, a specialist in special education and has completed many professional development courses.  Her students find her experienced, creative in her approach, organized and success oriented for each individual student. She quickly understands the student and can maximize their potential.  "My son would not get the grades he is getting without the help of Smart Works Tutoring!" - Nov.2013

Whether it is one hour or many hours, Smart Works Tutoring can help your student achieve success! 

Contact information: email Sarah Isbister or 705-443-7542.


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