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Platypus a neat story (Posted On: Tuesday, November 22, 2011)

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Jennifer Livingstone is the creator and owner of the new local company Platypus. Currently Jennifer is featuring her collection at Store 54, located at 54 Hurontario Street in Collingwood.

Even as a child, Jennifer was enthralled with art, painting and crafting with whatever she could get her hands on.

She won the local Magic of Children’s Art Show multiple times and would create incessantly in her free time with anything she could find, even if that meant sculpting the clay-like mud in her parent’s yard.  Having grown up in the Blue Mountains, Jennifer was bound to become inspired by the natural world that surrounds her and the whimsical essence it projected.

As a result, Jennifer’s passion for the arts and the world around her grew, causing her to opt out of attending medical school and instead pursue her passion by enrolling in Design and Visual Arts at Georgian College. She thrived in the artistic environment, learning new artistic techniques, earning Dean’s list standings, participating in gallery openings and recently graduating.

Initially Platypus was not Platypus; it simply started out as a shop for the jewellery, crafts and baked goods Jennifer made as a hobby while in high school and for charity benefits during her time in college. Eventually her business grew as her interests continued to diversify. Now this little side project was including pieces of fine art, accessories, painted rocks, vintage bits and pieces, photographs  and occasionally even creative baked goods. Jennifer felt it would be in her best interest to create an umbrella term to pull all these little projects together, something that would bring all these seemingly random creations into one unified business. This is how Platypus was born.

A platypus is an egg-laying, venomous, duck-billed, beaver-tailed, otter-footed mammal. Although it seems to be a crazy smorgasbord of many different creatures, it is in fact a single functioning creature.

This furry little creature seems to embody the idea of her collection; a bunch of seemingly random collections unified by belonging to one person. Extremely diverse, unique and limitless in what it can entail; Platypus is Jennifer’s ever -evolving collection of collections with the common factor being the creator.

Jennifer’s overall desire with Platypus is to strive to create things to make everyday life a little more pleasant and a lot more interesting and to embody the essence of the natural world that inspires her so deeply. Her personal journey is what she explores in her own work. Both Jennifer’s life and loves feature in her work, with so many different ideas peeking out at all times that it is forever changing.

Platypus caters to anyone who appreciates nature, antiques and vintage goods, art and naturally a good story.

Store 54
54 Hurontario St
Collingwood, Ontario


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