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Kick off 2011 Strong (Posted On: Wednesday, December 29, 2010)

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These are some great tips from Sarah Heipel to kick off the New Year with a strong healthy start.  No doubt the holidays have tempted you and you’ve got a little bit of work to do to clean house and get a fresh start.  You’ll find these tips helpful and inspirational.

Cleanse Your Kitchen.
Will power is only so strong. Even your best intentions can be forgotten in times of stress, anxiety, or low blood sugar. Make time immediately to remove all food items that you need to avoid during your transition period. Don't forget to check the freezer, fridge, cupboards and drawers. Replace these items with healthy alternatives as soon as possible. If you are sharing kitchen space with others, designate a cupboard and section of the fridge for your food only. This will help prevent you from seeing your former temptations: out of sight, out of mind.

Go Shopping!
Now that you've rid your kitchen of temptation, it's time to restock with the good stuff.
Buy enough lemons, green leaves, fruit for smoothies, veggies for soups / salads, ingredients for dressings, avocado and olives, garlic, onions and herbs for flavoring, etc. to last you one week. Prep food as soon as possible after shopping so it's conveniently ready to eat when you are.

Make A Green Smoothie
Make enough to last you for 3 days if you're too busy to make a fresh one each day. Kept cold it will be delicious! Rotate your greens and fruit choices regularly.

Schedule Your Exercise.
Make a commitment to yourself and stick to it. Consistency is the key. Choose a time that can become a routine for you. Choose something you enjoy or find a way to make it    fun, like adding music or a friend, variety, attend a class, follow a video, etc.

Surround Yourself With Inspiration
Do everything you can to re-enforce your new lifestyle. Read books about nutrition, fitness, and healthy lifestyle. Attend a raw food workshop. Cut out pictures of your favorite fresh produce, healthy active people, or images that symbolize your vision of the results you are now achieving. 
Have a back-up plan. I keep a container of greens powder, and a healthy meal replacement powder in the cupboard for times when I haven't made it to the grocery store, am in a rush or traveling. Life happens, be prepared so you can keep your energy, your mood and your results in high gear.
If you fall off, remember you are ever only one green smoothie away from getting back "on”.

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Sarah Heipel
Good Energy
Dip. Phys., Certified Exercise Coach & Holistic Lifestyle Consultant


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