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Green Smoothie Challenge II (Posted On: Monday, March 07, 2011)

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In our modern day life, detoxing the build-up of pollution, poor eating habits, and even physical/mental stress has become a very important practice. Throughout the year, many individuals are participating in short-term fasts and cleansing protocols, but spring offers a unique and beneficial time to cleanse as the seasons are changing and the subtle energies of our own bodies are changing as well.

With the warmer weather, our organism is signaled to change modes in order to thrive on a new set of nutrients from fresh fruit and vegetables that are available in the coming seasons. The body is instinctually more in tune with its surrounding environment than we believe it is. Food and plants take cues from weather patterns and micro-organisms in the soil to become composed of particular nutrients that will help them thrive in the season they are growing. Similarly, if we are eating a diet that includes many local foods, our own bodies will become acclimatized to the environment around us. Is it any wonder the majority of Canadians can’t stand the cold winter when our diet is made up of food grown in hot Mexico?

Not only will a detox help rid the body from unwanted toxins, it also helps kick-start a new metabolism that will make it easier to select and thrive on healthier food options. With the busy and active lifestyle that most Georgian Bay area inhabitants are living, a cleansing protocol needs to be fast and easy if it is going to be realistic. This is where the green smoothie challenge fits perfectly.

Organic, nutrient-rich greens offer an abundance of nutrients to support the body as it releases toxins, and help satiate hunger as the body is finally getting adequate levels of vitamins and minerals. The fiber in a green smoothies helps pull out toxins that have accumulated in the intestinal walls. All that is required for the challenge is to consume 2L of green smoothie a day for one week (approximately a pound of fresh organic greens every day). One can choose to eat whatever else throughout the day. The cleanse would obviously be enhanced if other vices were avoided during the week. I encourage everyone to look up the benefits of green smoothies and decide if this resonates with them.

Pure Restaurant will be hosting another Green Smoothie Challenge during the month if April. Participants can sign up for any week in April to pick up 2L of green smoothie a day for $95 (taxes included), or 1L a day for $50. Spaces are limited so be sure to reserve your spot by cllicking here.   


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