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Five Holiday Health Tips (Posted On: Monday, December 13, 2010)

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Typically, the festive season leaves not a dent, but a bulge on the average person, similar to an all inclusive holiday or the "freshman five (lbs)".

If this is not something on your wish list this year, consider the following tips from one of our favorite local personal trainers, Sarah Heipel of Good Energy Coaching.

1. Get you zzz’s.  Studies show that when we are tired we tend to eat twice as much as usual and often choose sugar to stimulate us. There are bound to be some late nights of “festing”, but be sure to balance them by hitting-the-hay at a reasonable hour (11pm) most other nights.

2. Guzzle the H2O. To increase and maintain health our bodies require half of our body weight in ounces of water each day. During the holidays this is even more important due to dry winter air, alcohol consumption, and increased intake of salt and sugar.

3. Get Out.  Outside that is. Or at least keep active. Bundle up and take a long walk, hit the gym, or bust-a-move at the party. The only way to balance more calories in is to expend more out.

4. Get Your Greens.  Consuming more dark leafy greens daily, will deduce junk food cravings, boost immune function and increase energy. Complete proteins and minerals and very little calories, now that’s a superfood!

5. Take An Enzyme.  We need enzymes to properly digest the food we eat. When we eat cooked and processed foods (turkey dinner, short bread cookies, etc) our bodies have to use enzyme reserves to help breakdown our food. By supplementing with a digestive enzyme we can reduce digestive stress.

For more information, you can contact Sarah directly:

Sarah Heipel
Holistic Fitness Coach 
Good Energy Studio
357 Hurontario Street, Collingwood


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