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Earths Berries (Posted On: Wednesday, September 15, 2010)

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Local businesswoman Karen Salcedo is about to introduce one of our area’s best-kept secrets to the rest of Canada.  Having spent the past year selling her popular eco friendly Earth’s Berries Soap Nuts locally, Salcedo is slated to appear on The Shopping Channel on Wednesday September 22nd.

“This is a really exciting time for Earth’s Berries Soap Nuts,” Salcedo explains. 

“I pitched my company’s eco friendly cleaning product to The Shopping Channel back in January.  Yesterday I was down at their studios learning what to expect when I’m on the air.Yesterday I was down at their studios learning what to expect when I’m on the air.  Their producers have been very helpful and things have run very smoothly so far.  The only down side is they’ve already cleaned out most of my product, but there are no complaints here!”

Salcedo first introduced Earth’s Berries Soap Nuts to the marketplace back in July 2009 when she opened up the doors of her home based business.  Having a passion for the environment, Salcedo had already been using eco friendly laundry detergent and cleaning supplies for a good twenty years. 

“People think eco friendly cleaning methods are expensive,” Salcedo explains.  “This really isn’t true.  One bag of Earth’s Berries Soap Nuts, an all-natural product, replaces nine (32 load) jugs of concentrated laundry soap.  Think of the chemicals and toxins that are released into the environment when those plastic jugs are manufactured or recycled.  Then think of the chemicals and perfumes they add into nine jugs worth of concentrated soap.  When people realize their cost-savings on top of everything else, it’s really a no-brainer.”

Soap nuts, which are fruit harvested from Ritha tree in India and Nepal, have been used for centuries in Southeast Asia and for decades throughout Europe.  Having made their way to North America, they have been recognized as a natural, potent cleaning alternative to the harsh chemicals common to detergents and household cleaners.

For more information, visit our website or call (705) 888-0014.

Interview Contact:  Karen Salcedo
Telephone:  (705) 888-0014 


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