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Collingwood Kids Klub (Posted On: Friday, December 13, 2013)

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The primary purpose of the Collingwood Kids Klub is to provide its participants with a wide variety of opportunities to develop creativity, imagination, problem solving skills, spatial reasoning, co-operative social skills, curiosity and self confidence.  

During the weekly two hour sessions, the participants work on Lego and Lego robotics activities according to their abilities and skill level. Although the first impression that observers may have, is that the participants are "just playing", they are in fact learning many important math, science and technology skills in an informal and hands-on environment. The knowledge and skills they learn will be of great benefit to them as they discover how concepts they are learning, relate to real life problems. This knowledge will also assist them as they progress through the education system and life in general

Those participants in the regular Lego program work independently or with others while putting together a variety of challenging building kits; which when finished result in a sense of accomplishment and success.  The sessions provide them the opportunity to work with others and exchange ideas in a non-threatening environment, while developing life skills such as communication, collaboration and creative problem-solving.  And for some students it provides a similar type of social interaction that those who participate in sports and music programs often enjoy.

Participants in the Lego robotics program learn to explore and experience the opportunity to design, build and program robots to perform various tasks. They also learn to "do" science, math and technology in an informal and flexible manner that enables them to understand abstract concepts through a practical hands-on learning approach. It becomes a truly fun way of developing active learners with a drive to learn.

While many people make the mistake of thinking that Lego is a "boys thing", they couldn't be more wrong.  More and more girls are becoming interested in math, science and technology and are filling up the engineering programs of many universities. 

Opportunities for students to enter robotic competitions have grown tremendously over the past few years and now offer competitors millions of dollars in prizes and scholarships to the best computer, math and technology programs in the top universities in North America and throughout the world.  

Interested parties may still join the Collingwood Kids Klub; however in order to guarantee a place in the program, participants are required to sign up for 12, two hours per week sessions.  Some students will be accepted on a session by session basis if there is room, but will need to email ahead of time to confirm that  there is space for them.

More information can be found at Collingwood Kids Klub


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