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Big Stink in Collingwood (Posted On: Saturday, September 06, 2008)

 Decrease font is not a politcal web site but we felt this had to be posted to help remove the smoke screens and because we love Collingwood.

Sept 6, 2008 - From Marg Scheben-Edey's blog...

There is so much “noise” (or should I say smell) on this issue that it’s hard to think straight.  Protests, press releases, emails, letters, phone calls and of course, endless gossip and burning telephone lines. Personally, here’s what I think.

The bottom line is that Collingwood Ethanol has dumped solids and chemicals above allowable limits into our waste water treatment system SEVERAL times. 

They’ve exceeded numerous limitations established by the Ministry of the Environment for things like noise and odors (in some cases over 100 times allowable levels) and they’ve impacted our precious environment.  They have not complied with Ministry orders to fix the problem and in fact, 17 charges were laid against them in the last 24 hours by the same Ministry.  Is this a good corporate citizen?  (By the way, I gotta ask, how safe is this plant?)

They are members of a maverick group from the west spinning the story to deflect attention from the real issues.  They have not brought forward one single piece of fact to substantiate the claims they have made.  The Mayor is “reckless” and we have a “tax crisis” on our hands?

Well let me tell you something PGIB.  This Mayor voted to allow your Dad’s company into town.  He has worked with them for 15 months to solve the problems and many would argue he was TOO patient.  That doesn’t sound reckless to me.  And a tax crisis?

You seem to have forgotten that CE received over 7 million of OUR tax dollars from the Federal Government as well as money from the Province to help set up the plant.  They’ve sought money for subsidies for every drop of ethanol they sell.  From our tax dollars.  Yes, a tax crisis indeed.

I’m sickened by spin doctors who have an agenda that does not serve a purpose beyond their own.  And yes, I’m sickened that they would stoop so low as to target one man.  One man!  Not the council, not the MOE, just Chris Carrier.  Chris is human folks.  He has failings as every human being does but, he does his job with integrity, passion and caring for our town.  He does not deserve this.

If I sound angry, I am.  Collingwood is a beautiful town with clean air and clean water.  We have dedicated and passionate people in every corner and we care about our future.  We have had disagreements and fractures in our relationships over the years but we’ve never been broken by them.  It’s time that our council stand up to these bullies and not leave the Mayor to wave the flag alone.  It’s time for the industry leaders to speak up and it’s time for the people to stand up for our town.

Written by: Marg Scheben-Edey


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