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Cedar Grove Labyrinth (Posted On: Thursday, May 09, 2013)

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An offering of beauty in the Town of the Blue Mountains.  'The Blue Mountains Women of 12' (formed in February 2012) mission is to make a difference in the Town of the Blue Mountains. The intention is to create a space that is welcoming, aesthetically pleasing to the eye and brings community together naturally; hence the birth of the "Cedar Grove Labyrinth of Thornbury". Building and maintaining a labyrinth will encourage community members; as well as providing tourists with the opportunity to visit and enjoy this very special place.

'The Blue Mountains Women of 12' have been granted land use of the old Bayview Park Campground.  A labyrinth can be accessed and is beneficial for all ages and stages in life. Given the history of labyrinths (over 3,000 years old) this is an excellent teaching tool for students. The site will also offer a pause in the day for those who are employed; as well as those who simply wish a time for reflection.

Modern-day uses are many. In hospitals, staff, recovering patients and their visitors to relieve stress and aid in rehabilitation, walks labyrinths. Community groups and retreat centres use labyrinths for meditation, reflection, and exercise. School labyrinths can serve as an activity zone for students. They can stimulate creative thinking and problem solving, and act as a tool for conflict resolution. The labyrinth remains a metaphor for the individual's journey through life.

The BMW 12 are optimistic and very excited that the labyrinth will be built and ready to be walked by September 28th, 2013. This project will be ongoing and will not be totally finished by this fall.  There will be additions and fine-tuning to take place as the project moves forward as various groups access the space.

This land has not been actively used for over ten years and is located directly off the Georgian Trail. The site is surrounded by a natural grove of cedars, which enhances the beauty providing a calm in the midst of our busy lives.  In addition, there are plans for a pergola with signage, which will be placed at the entrance way to the labyrinth, additional signage both from the Georgian Trail and the old campground parking lot will be installed; as well as commemorative benches that will be strategically placed around the Labyrinth.

For more information please contact and to get involved:
Teresa Matamoros 
or Catherine Smart
or visit our Facebook page.  

Submitted by: Catherine Smart


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