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Are You Stuck (Posted On: Monday, February 08, 2016)

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February Business Blues Got You Down?  If you are stuck, your business is stuck.

Did you know that your biggest enemy is not your competition?  Every wonder why the business failure rate is so high?  Feel stuck and wonder why it’s difficult to change or achieve your goals?

Here is a fact. Only 10% of what we do is in our conscious control. That means that an astounding 90% of what we do is actually not within our conscious control.  The result is that we make decisions and act based on old programs and limiting beliefs, from our subconscious, that were established a long time ago.  And you're probably not even aware of them.

When we try to make changes and challenge the status quo self-doubt creeps in. We become aware of an inner voice with negative messages that expresses criticism, disapproval and judgments of your actions, hopes, and dreams. And along for the ride comes fear, procrastination, rebellion, being late, causing conflicts, and the whole gang of self-sabotaging behaviours.  These changes can be in any area of your life such as relationships, career, health, body image, and abundance issues.

Why does this happen? Sabotage is your protection to keep you in your comfort zone in every area of your life. Let's take, for example, your income. If your comfort zone is earning $50K and then you have a really good year and earn $80K but it doesn't fit with your real beliefs about your self view and level of success, you will move heaven and earth to get yourself back to $50K. Despite the desire to earn more, your subconscious will always keep you congruent with your current belief system.

We are all very comfortable with our current level, even with its own challenges, and it is very familiar to us. It syncs up with our self-esteem because we can't handle something that feels successful because on some level we feel we don't deserve it. So it comes as no surprise that most large lottery winners lose all their money after a few years. Or that most new businesses fail within the first two years. 

If you want to get to the next level and achieve, to break through your comfort zone, you need to change your current belief system and release your anxiety about the next level. And this can only be done at the level of the subconscious. If you can’t clear the blocks, you can't attract the success or life you really desire.

Please join me, Michele Wolf, Owner of Aware Within, and Paula Hope from Booked Solid, as we help you recognize what keeps you stuck in your life and business, uncover strategies to move beyond these blocks and become un-stuck.

I care about results.  If you would like to understand why you sabotage, and heal your relationship with money and success, please join us:

Saturday, February 20, 1:00- 3:00

Blue Mountains Public Library, 173 Bruce Street, Thornbury

Registration required. Tuition is complimentary.

Register now by clicking here. 


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