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Alis Kitchen Wins (Posted On: Monday, January 05, 2015)

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Chef Sherina from Ali's Kitchen was the winner of Collingwood's Holiday Soup Capades on December 28!

Ali's Kitchen is known for their amazing samosas and soups, which they sell at the Collingwood Farmers Market in the summer.  So it was a welcome surprise to see them serving their soup to the crowds at Collingwood's Winter Wonderland.

The Yellow Lentil Soup, also know as Dahl, was the crowd favourite and was recognized the winner after an hour of intense tasting and voting.

People of all ages cast their votes using stones they dropped in the jars beside their favourite soup. 

Sherina's Yellow Lentil Soup was carefully made with these ingredients:

-  Lentils

- Garlic

- Tumeric

- Ginger

- Salt for taste

- Small onion

- Sauteed vegetables (zucchini, spinach and a few more favourites)

-Cumin seed

With some warm, homemade roti bread to go along with the soup, it was the winning combination on this wintery afternoon at Collingwood's Winter Wonderland.

To order food or book your next catered event, call Ali's Kitchen at 705-770-8233.


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